Tree removal.

The tree removal program is now underway, with some major work completed on the car park and felling starting on the 1st hole. We are also cleaning up the remaining trees to improve playability and improve sunlight and air movement across the course. This work will continue up to Christmas and beyond depending on the weather conditions.

There are logs for sale as a result of this work. Please contact the office for details .

Flooding pics.

Just a few pics of the recent flooding and damage.

Drainage work on the 4th hole.

The 4th fairway has suffered all year with the continual rainfall. A combination of damaged drains, tree roots and issues with the outlet onto the shore have made the hole unplayable at times.
The club have provided the funds to carry out improvements and the greenstaff have been busy installing new drain lines with perforated pipe and washed gravel.
The 1st area to be trenched was close to the fairway bunkers. A large floating "cows belly" had appeared which indicated broken pipework below. A new 100mm pipe drain has been installed and connected into a servicable clay tile land drain (which was rodded). This area has dried out already and will improve even more when we dig a small extension drain to the area.

The next area to be drained was closer to the tee, near the rear of the 16th green. Large quantities of water have been running across the surface from the R/H side of the fairway and rough. 2 problems were discovered, a spring and old land drains damaged by tree roots. T…

Valley update.

The work to improve drainage in the valley is moving forward depite the weather. The banks have been dug out apart from the section across the 2nd hole, which will be completed early next week.
The rest of the bankings have been prepared for turfing and sections across the 11th & 15th have been turfed. Turfing will continue over the next week.

The drainage outlets have been leveled and cleaned out. Additional drains will be added later in the winter.
The crossing points have been raised and the astroturf removed. This will be replaced by a hard wearing rye grass and a plastic ground stabilisation material. The crossing points will be roped off and temporary crossing points created while the turf recovers.
Please pick any balls out of the ditch using the rakes supplied as walking down the turf will destroy the bankings.
Again, some hole closures will occur during this work. Thank you for your patience at this time.

Tree removal

This afternoon, myself and the greens committee walked the course to determine which trees would be removed as part of our winter work programme. It was a very productive time, with  agreement on all areas under discussion.
The main aims of the tree removal are to provide light, improve areas for drainage, reduce leaf litter, remove undesirable species and to re-instate views across the course and across the bay that have been lost.
The areas of removal this winter will be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th & 16th holes.
As always, the work will be weather dependant and will also include the removal of any stumps which would be seen as in play.
The work should start early next month (November) and will continue thru the winter. 
I will update the blog with more information and pictures as work progresses.

Drainage Improvements

The recent wet weather has highlighted areas on the course were the drainage is not performing as it should.
With this in mind, we have started some projects to improve matters.
This week we started removing the wooden shuttering from the valley on the 2nd, 11th, 14th, 15th & 17th holes. This will be replaced by a turfed bank which will speed up surface water removal and make further drainage easier to add.

As well as this, we are creating swales to dry out areas which hold water. 

The digging of the trench will be completed by the middle of next week and the turfing will start on Wednesday (weather permitting). The whole valley will be completed within the next 2 weeks.

While working in the valley, we will also be installing some extensions to existing drains and also installing some small manholes to aid surface water removal in low lying areas. 
There may be some hole closures during this time to speed the process up and also allow a safe working environment for the greenstaff.

The ne…

Worms and Control

As you will all be aware, the weather during the last 3 months has been extremely wet. This has brought forward the earth worm activity throughout the course.

As you can see from the above pictures, this has a huge impact on the playability and preparation of the course.
One thing you may not know, is that from 31st August 2017 the only chemicals available for worm control were withdrawn from use by DEFRA. This will have long term repercussions for the course. 
In the past, we used these chemicals to reduce the number of worms in many areas of the course. With their removal, the worm population will increase year on year. Add to this the change in weather patterns and you can appreciate the problems we now face.
Many companies are exploring alternative solutions, but as yet, nothing reliable or cost effective has been developed.
We will be trialing some of these products over the next few months and I will keep you posted of any developments.
In the meantime, please be aware of the difficul…